Battle Tanks

Learning Objectives



Infantry are your basic multi-use unit. They’re good against other infantry units, but not so good against vehicles. They move quickly over most terrain, but keep them away from enemy tank treads!

Supply Truck

Supply trucks bring ammunition and rations to your front-line troops. Armies march on their stomachs and if your soldiers are hungry, they aren’t going to be getting very far. Lone supply trucks are juicy targets for your enemy, so always be sure to give them an escort.


Tanks - Big, Heavy & Loud. They’ll move over almost any kind of terrain and they pack a serious punch against vehicles and buildings. You’ll need to keep them supplied with fuel and ammunition, otherwise they become attractive farm equipment.



Barracks are used to train infantry. They’re cheap and quick to build. They can be upgraded later to produce more specialised units for special missions.


Factories produce supplies like ammunition & fuel. You will need to keep them supplied with raw materials to keep them going. Don’t forget to build a loading dock nearby to keep your supply trucks stocked.


Workshops build and repair vehicles using raw materials. Each workshop can be outfitted to build one type of vehicle.



Forests contain a lot of trees. Tanks aren’t very good at driving through trees. Sneaky commanders use this to their advantage! Lots of places to hide and set traps for enemy units.


Deserts are hot. Natural resources are difficult to find in desert biomes. Smart commanders can use this to choke their enemy construction logistics.


Snow biomes are cold. Vehicles and buildings get a performance bonus from the extra cooling, but your infantry will need to be kept well supplied with fuel, rations and blankets.


Frame 1

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