Pythagotchi - Part 5

Awww, look at the cute little… erm… what is that again?

We’re going to design our little creature now - what hatches from your egg? Try to be as imaginative as you can, make this creature your best pixel art to date.

Start with a 16x16 pixel canvas in Fireworks and draw out your creature, then enlarge it again and save it as a .gif file. Just like you did for the egg.

Once you have your creature, you need to create 2 more frames that define a simple ‘idle’ animation. You could make it blink, breathe, shuffle its feet or claws or tentacles or whatever appendages it has. Again, be creative.

When you’re done, you should have 4 .gif files:

  1. egg.gif
  2. creature.gif
  3. idle_frame_1.gif
  4. idle_frame_2.gif

egg.gif creature.gif idle_frame_1.gif idle_frame_2.gif

If you don’t call them that, don’t expect the next bits of code to work without substituting my names for yours.

Next up, let’s make the egg hatch